Bellingham Leadership: Is It A Good/Bad Idea To Be Friends With Employees?


You are the boss now - you won't succeed if you don't know the answers to the following questions:

  • Are your employees your friends?
  • Are you your employees' friend?
  • What if your employees don't like you?
  • How do you get your employee to want to help you?

In this On Demand Class, we will address real challenges leaders face in the real world, but most training seminars can not and will not address:-( You will get real down to earth insights, zero corporate fluff! You will learn a whole new set of thinking, that is outside of your current "zone of thinking", you will hear things you've never heard of before, you will perform a "software upgrade" in your thinking. You will be equipped with skills that are new to you, so you can venture outside of your current comfort zone, and do things you've never done before, and get rewarded handsomely as a result of your new understanding, new thinking, new feeling, new actions.

You should take this On Demand class if you are:

  1. A manager or a business owner,
  2. Managing a team of employees,
  3. Or managing a team of managers,
  4. You live in the real world, you have real world challenges you need to overcome.
  5. You are a doer, you are a thinker, and you are a life long learner.
  6. You challenge yourself to constantly do more so you can learn more, learn more so you can do more.
  7. You get a kick out of solving problems, you get a bigger kick out of helping others to learn how to solve problems - on their own!
  8. You play the game of: "Never ending upward spiral personal evolution."

In just 30 min:

You will lose: Unhelpful thinking that have been holding you down :-(

You will gain: New thinking that will catapult you to the next level!

This class is On Demand, which means you don't have to wait! You can take this On Demand class Right NOW!

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