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Online Breathwork Healing Session

7 Days HD Video Replay Included

Experience the amazing healing power of your breath with the Joy of Breathing technique. It allows you to quickly and effectively access a deeper connection with your body, mind, heart and soul.

During this 75 minute online live session you will be safely and gently guided to explore, feel and connect to deeper layers of your body, emotions and consciousness.

You will journey into profoundly healing, deeply relaxing and transformative states of being.

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"These sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to experience higher states of well-being, consciousness and self-healing."

Joy of Breathing Technique

For over 30 years, Sylvie has been experiencing, learning, practicing and teaching a wide scope of breathwork and pranayama techniques.

She finally developed her own technique that is both a science and yoga-based practice.

It weaves together modern scientific discoveries in breathwork and the ancient yogic wisdom.

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"The technique is simple and powerful enough that anyone can practice and get benefits during the first session."


"Brilliant! I feel wonderful!" - Aidian
"Think I have just experienced my first third eye actual awareness." - Robert
"That session took me deep into my soul. Very healing on all levels: body, mind, spirit, feelings... everything!" - Bradley
"I felt like I was levitating at one point. I feel healthier right now. Can’t wait to do this again." - Nancy
"My hands were vibrating a lot and then I started hearing noise, almost that sound when your ears are ringing. Feel great now, very relaxed!" - Kathy
"I feel so grateful to have found this. You bring beautiful energy and teach this practice so well. Thank you so very much!" - Tara

Breathwork Healing Session • Joy of Breathing • Sioux Falls image

"It is my pleasure to guide you toward self-empowerment and self-awakening. You will be guided to experience your truest self, from the physical to the soul dimension."

Sylvie Horvath

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Sylvie is the creator of the Joy of Breathing. She's been guiding spiritual seekers for over 30 years with the self-transformative teachings of yoga, pranayama, breathwork and meditation.

Event Information


  • Introduction & instructions
  • Deep breathing session
  • Healing meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Sharing & questions and answers

Attending Event

  • Connect on Zoom 10 minutes prior to class start time and silence cell phones
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Refrain from eating 1.5 to 2 hours before practice
  • Yoga mat and a blanket might help you feel comfortable


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