North Coast Inland Trail, Ohio - Lorain & Huron Counties


North Coast Inland Trail, Ohio - Lorain & Huron Counties

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"The North Coast Inland Trail primarily follows a route built by the Toledo, Norwalk, and Cleveland Railroad (TN&C) from 1851-1853." This tour covers a 18 mile section of the NCIT (North Coast Inland Trail) through Lorain and Huron counties, mostly on paved level trails. Eventually, the NCIT is planned to cross northern Ohio making history by connecting bordering states Indiana and Pennsylvania.

This is a CycleNuts Triple LoST which is an acronym for Long or ShorT Tour - a CycleNuts Tour Group favorite. Because it has three lengths, we call it a Triple LoST. Go all the way or part of the way. Rider's choice! 37, 22, or 12 miles on this beautiful countryside rail-to-trail bikeway. 3 starting spots - 3 tour lengths - 1 CycleNuts tested and approved tasty turnaround spot!

Your choice - ride 12 miles, or 22 miles, or 37 miles.

All three tour routes are included with your ticket.

How this LoST Tour works. All three lengths go to and from a CycleNuts tested and approved tasty turnaround spot. You have lots of options here: You can ride any of the lengths at your leisure as often as you wish. You can invite your crew to join you, giving each of them the option to choose the length that is comfortable for them to ride (remember to adjust the starting times for each of them so that all of you can ride together to the tasty turnaround spot). The entire route is 92% bikeway with very few opportunities to use your bike's climbing gears and shaded about 50% of the way.

Points of Interest: The North Coast Inland Trail, village of Kipton, cities of Oberlin, and Elyria.

The North Coast Inland Trail (NCIT) was created in 1992 when seven park districts agreed to develop a system connecting trails in northwest Ohio. On August 15, 1998 the Lorain County Metro Parks opened a section of the trail measuring 148 acres.The majority of the NCIT is a 12-foot-wide paved trail built over an abandoned Toledo, Norwalk, and Cleveland Railroad line. The NCIT runs for 65 miles from Lorain to Toledo with some sections still being built. The Lorain County Metro Parks’ portion runs from Lake Erie in Lorain to the county line in Wakeman. (Lorain County Metro Parks)

HERE'S THE PLAN: You bring the bike and smart phone. CycleNuts provides the smart-tour guide! Via email you receive an expertly designed and tested tour route. Simply click on the emailed link and follow the expertly designed Selfie Tour route using your smart phone as your personal smart-tour guide for the Voice and Map guided turn-by-turn instructions.

  1. From your location simply click on link 1 provided by CycleNuts (using your cell phone) and follow the Google Maps directions to the starting spot;
  2. Unload your bike (if you transported it to the starting spot), or if you rode your bike to the starting spot then you are good to go;
  3. and then click on link 2 provided by CycleNuts and begin the tour (for more complex tours there may also be a link 3 or 4 to click on along the way as well as additional instructions).

WHERE TO RENT A BIKE: Listings provided in the ticket purchase confirmation.


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North Coast Inland Trail, Ohio - Lorain & Huron Counties image

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