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You are the boss now - you won't succeed if you don't delegate as much as possible:

You are the Leader. You are the boss. You are an employer. You are busy. You are always busy. You have more responsibilities than others, but you don't get more than 24 hours. How do you get more bang for your buck, out of the same 24 hours?

  • Have you ever seen the General Manager of a 5 star hotel, making beds? Is making beds the best use of the General Manager's time? Which task generates more value and hence profit, for the hotel and the individual?
  • Have you ever seen the 747 pilot, coming to the back of the plane, and serve passengers coffee? Is serving coffee the best use of the 747 pilot's time? Which task generates more value and hence profit? for the airline, and the individual?
  • Have you ever seen the CEO of a major airline, flying the 747? Is flying the 747 the best use of the CEO's time? Which task generates more value, and hence profit? For the business, and the individual?

That's why you need to Master the skill of Delegation!

However, when it comes to "Delegation", many managers and business owners feel:

  1. "By the time I explained everything to my employees, I could've done it, all by myself, 3 times already!"
  2. "After they screw everything up, who has to go back in there, re-do the whole thing again? Poor Ole ME! What a waste of my time!"
  3. "Didn't they tell ya: 'If you want it done right, you do it - YOURSELF!' ???"
  4. "I don't like it when they accuse me of 'Not Pulling My Own Weight'!"
  5. "I hate it, when they accuse me of 'Playing Favoritism'!"

The above are all excellent ways to think - before you had employees. If you are an expert, and you wish to remain an expert, doing the hands on work, then the above way is the way you should be thinking.

But you are no longer just a hands on expert anymore, you have employees now, you are now an employer. You need to acquire a whole new set of thinking!

In this On Demand Webinar, we will address real challenges leaders face in the real world, but most training seminars can not and will not address:-( You will get real down to earth insights, zero corporate fluff! You will learn a whole new set of thinking, that is outside of your current "zone of thinking", you will hear things you've never heard of before, you will perform a "software upgrade" in your thinking. You will be equipped with skills that are new to you, so you can venture outside of your current comfort zone, and do things you've never done before, and get rewarded handsomely as a result of your new understanding, new thinking, new feeling, new actions. You will learn:

  1. The 3 major benefits you will enjoy, if you delegated more.
  2. What's in it for your employees, if you delegated more?
  3. What's in it for the business, if you delegated more?
  4. What tasks and or projects should you be delegating to which employee? and why?
  5. What if your employee turns you down?
  6. How to make sure the task and or project is done correctly?
  7. What if you don't feel you can trust your employee?
  8. By "helping your employees", are you really "helping" them? or are you actually harming them?
  9. If you can see they are about to make a mistake, should you jump in there?
  10. Under what circumstances, should you jump in there, and get your hands dirty again?
  11. What do you must do, after each and every time, you had to jump in there, and got your hands dirty?
  12. What if your employees accuse you of "Not Pulling Your Own Weight?"
  13. What if your employees accuse you of "Playing Favoritism"?
  14. What are the 5 things that you should never ever delegate away?

You should take this On Demand Webinar if you are:

  1. A manager or a business owner,
  2. Managing a team of employees,
  3. Or managing a team of managers,
  4. You live in the real world, you have real world challenges you need to overcome.
  5. You are a doer, you are a thinker, and you are a life long learner.
  6. You challenge yourself to constantly do more so you can learn more, learn more so you can do more.
  7. You get a kick out of solving problems, you get a bigger kick out of helping others to learn how to solve problems - on their own!
  8. You play the game of: "Never ending upward spiral personal evolution."

And you want:

  1. More time out of your day;
  2. Less stress;
  3. Higher productivity;
  4. Happier and more loyal employees;
  5. Do less work yet make more money for yourself!
  6. Real insights, not "Corporate Fluff", to solve your problem!
  7. So you can solve bigger challenges and make bigger contributions to yourself, your family, your team, and society at large.

In just 1 hour:

You will lose: Unhelpful thinking that have been holding you down :-(

You will gain: New thinking that will catapult you to the next level!

This Webinar is On Demand, which means you don't have to wait! You can take this On Demand Webinar Right NOW!

Comments from those who took this class:

"I was so busy and could not find the time to do anything like strategic planning. As a result, my life and my business were stuck. After taking this class and mastering delegation, I was finally able to focus on tasks of higher strategic importance, and move my business and my life forward."

"I was in constant fear of my employees not able to do as perfect of a job as I could. This gave me so much stress and I was holding on tight. After I mastered delegation by taking this class, my employees are happier and I can now focus on tasks that are more important for our long-term goals."

"Coach Michael Lin is unique in the sense that he has a very effective teaching method. He was able to quickly identify what was in my "blind-spot", and explain my confusion away in a way that was really easy for me to follow. If you want to advance your career and your business quickly, don't miss out on his classes!"

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